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Fall trends. "Geometric" fans

Today we resume our blog! Here are some ideas on how to always carry your collection fan from great Tusitala designers . Essential, our "hand fans" will make you fall in love with them because as their name, Tusitala (the story teller), anticipates, each of the models tells a story and we here will tell you many.

Ready to discover the trends of the fall season?

This season's trends are very varied. Without a doubt, haute couture designers are the ones who dictate the guidelines. Firms such as Pedro del Hierro , unveiled the top combinations for autumn/winter 18/19, as did Givenchy , with some models in light and earth tones, among many others.

Fabrics and fabrics already anticipate an imminent change of season. Animal print, checkered print and also floral print, linen and raw, white or beige tones and the big surprise: the color yellow for autumn!

Without a doubt, one of the trends with which we wanted to make this new space known is with the Tusitala capsule collection inspired by one of the great essentials of the season: paintings. All of them have a very youthful touch for those days when the heat hits in the months of September and October. In the Fall season we always want to be as flirty as possible with our Tusitala on hand.

If you want to create a street style with a lot of style and without losing your essence, you can opt for our Vertical model.

This design with very autumnal touches and very simple and minimalist paintings combines perfectly with a black outfit and washed jeans. And why not, with a little color on your nails the photo to share on your social networks it will be perfect

The second model that is part of this collection and following the guidelines of the paintings is Nuevo Vichy

The wonderful Brigite Bardot already wore them. She made this print fashionable, which remains so characteristic today and could not be missing from our Geometric collection. A very timeless and monochromatic model with a pastel pink detail.

Even if it's autumn, you have to go for color!

Finally, the third design in this collection is Lila Box . This fan pays a clear tribute to the lilac tones that have been so fashionable this summer and that we will surely continue to see in autumn.

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See you in the next post!